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Eden Gardens - Market Garden - Food Forest - Conservation

A small farm with a BIG dream

Organic Vegetables

When we first arrived at our finca back in 2017, the land was pretty desolate with only a few fruit trees and some very old grape vines. The rest was dust.. Over the last 4 years we have been working to regenerate the land and more recently (the beginning of 2022) create a business emphasising regenerative self-sufficiency and conservation.

Our approach includes

  • No dig Gardening

  • Agro Forestry

  • Regenerative Agriculture

  • Permaculture

  • Track Systems for Equines

Come and get involved on our YouTube channel (coming soon!)

Check out our about section in the menu to find out more and discover ways to support us, and feel free to browse our blog posts.

Organic Vegetable Bags

What is our Organic Market Garden (OMG) Bag Subscription?

Quite simply, it is a market garden shopping experience with a difference. You purchase a subscription and we provide you with weekly supplies of beautiful seasonal organic produce, picked and packaged fresh that morning and available for collection on Mondays directly from our farm (a great opportunity to tour the farm, see the horses, have a chat and see exactly where your food is coming from) Find out more and register your subscription below.

Build or Boost your Bag

Ready made bag not for you? If you would prefer to pick your own selection you can check out what we have available right now and build your own bag. Or if you have a subscription, but would like to add a few extras you can Boost your Bag with our amazing variety of organic produce, artisan products and home and body care.

Eat and Be Well


Need inspiration? Check out our favourite recipes, get storage tips and keep up to date with our blog.

Vintage Cookbook

Recipes, storage tips and more.

Make it an Experience

We love to talk about food, we love to grow food, we love to harvest food and we would love to share that experience with you. Make it an experience, bring your kids, your friends even a picnic if you wish. Spend some time with the horses and other animals. A great way to support us as growers and get some fresh air. PLUS picking it yourself makes everything taste all the sweeter. Go home knowing that you have the freshest produce possible and that you have supported our sanctuary and farm.

Vegetable Picking

How about the unique opportunity to pick your own produce? Visit us now to pick your own groceries straight from the ground and browse our artisan shop for some extra special treats.

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