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Everyone has a story. Some stories are hard to hear but nontheless they deserve to be told.













Gone but forever in our hearts

black foal - rescue - epileptic mum - always in our hearts




The original plan was to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home as many equines in need as possible, but things haven't worked out that way, and the equines currently in our care will spend the rest of their lives here at the sanctuary. We do however offer a full or part sponsorship program.

What is full sponsorship?

Currently, all of the horses here are un-rideable for a variety of reasons. (with the exception of Quill, who hopefully when he matures will be happy and willing).


Unfortunately, in a world geared towards riding and competition, these horses are often overlooked. It is hard to find placements for them, especially here in Tenerife where there is little grazing and the cost of forage is high. It is for this reason that most of our residents are here in the first place. Old, injured, costly health problems and unfortunately seen as "useless". But for us, the non-ridden equine still has so much to offer, and we know that there are some people out there that just enjoy their company and do not like to ride. For those people, we offer an individual or joint sponsorship. We only offer this to a maximum of two sharing, the reason being is that we want to keep the relationships close and not overwhelm the horses. All we ask for is a monthly contribution to their feed and care. You can visit whenever you choose, go for a hike together (depending on the abilities of the horse), just hang out, read a book and relax, give them treats and scratches in their favourite spot, have a picnic, groom and braid hair, train tricks (with positive reinforcement of course) teach them horse gymnastics, a great way to keep them fit and flexible, groundwork, obstacle courses and that is just a few ideas. Think of the fun you could have!

So if you love horses and are not worried about riding please consider full sponsorship. If you love this idea, but live too far away, or you would prefer to help from a distance, we have other sponsorship options available too!

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