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Become a Guardian


Becoming a guardian to one of our horses makes a fantastic gift for friends, family or even for yourself.

A little goes a long way. Here are some examples of where your sponsorship will be help.

€1 buys a bag of carrots

€3 buys one horse or pony supplements for a week

€13 buys a new Fly Mask

€16 buys a sack of beet pulp

€45 buys a straw bed

€133 buys one 380kg bale of hay (will feed one horse for one month)

€200 a month pays for one horse or ponys full care including food and supplements, medical, dentistry and hoof care.

Our goal is to get every horse here fully sponsored so that we don't have to worry about emergency appeals, and where the next food bill is coming from. To do that we need 13 monthly sponsors of €10 a month to cover feed for each horse! Thats just 130 people for the 10 horse we have here.

All of our current residents are unable to be rehomed. They are not able to be ridden due to a variety of health, emotional or age related problems. They will spend the rest of their lives with us. They still, absolutely deserve the opportunity to find that special bond with their very own human. They of course have us, and I have an amazing bond with each and every one of them, but for some, a little unconditional, undivided attention for the remainder of their lives would be very welcome. So, if you would like to experience the true value of a non ridden equine friend, you can choose to fully sponsor. In return for your contribution for their food, you will be able to visit whenever you choose, shower them with the love and care they deserve as if they were your own and discover all of the wonderful things a non ridden equine can offer. Go for walks, groom and braid their hair, give them baths and teach them tricks (positive reinforcement only) go for walks or just sit and quietly read a book and listen to them eating (this is probably one of the most relaxing things to do EVER!) 

** If you love the idea of fully sponsoring one of our horses, but are too far away to visit, you can donate your sponsorship to someone that otherwise wouldn't have the opportunity to spend time with their "own" horse. Horses are quite amazing animals and can help us heal just as we can try to help them heal. In quiet and non intrusive ways, just the willing company of an equine friend can calm the soul and bring peace to some that really need it. Our donated sponsorship program not only helps the horses, but also helps a human at the same time.

** If you would like to be on the list for donated sponsorship program, please send your application here.

Discounts and vouchers can be redeemed against anything on the website and vouchers can be saved up and used all at once or even gift them to a friend or relative!

Once a horse is fully sponsored it will be removed from the options, but you can still help, just choose "I'm not sure" and your donation will go towards whoever or whatever needs it the most. That could be vet or trimmer bills, repairs or improvements to the horses living spaces.  


ALL monthly sponsors will also receive access to our members area, where you will find exclusive updates and behind the scenes photos and stories. You will also be named on your horses album as an official auntie or uncle (we will send you a permission form once you subscribe, if you would prefer not to be named that's absolutely fine!)    


Take a look at our beautiful horses and help us help them.                                                                        

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