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Welcome to Eden Equine Tenerife

Eden Equine is a small, independent family run sanctuary dedicated to improving the lives of horses, ponies and donkeys. Nestled high in the mountains of Arico, Tenerife, we are a positive reinforcement (+R also known as clicker training) rescue and rehabilitation centre and provide a holistic approach to equine care, health, wellbeing and force free rehabilitation. All of our horses are barefoot and have access to our track system, which we are always improving. We are also following permaculture principles to regenerate the land, create a food forest for both humans and equines to enjoy and live sustainably.

Thanks to your support, we are able to rescue and rehabilitate animals in need, and provide a safe haven for our permanent residents to spend their retirement happy, safe and with friends.

Every purchase and contribution goes directly to help the animals and improve their environment and lives.



At Eden Equine Tenerife, we are dedicated to creating a haven for horses and fostering a thriving permaculture project. Your support plays a crucial role in sustaining our sanctuary and helping us grow. There are several ways you can contribute to our mission:

1. Donate

Your generous donations help us provide the best care for our rescued horses and maintain our permaculture initiatives.

2. Purchase Products

Visit our farm shop, Casa Eden, to purchase a variety of homegrown and handmade products that support our project:

  • Fresh eggs, fruits, and vegetables grown with love on our farm.

  • Handmade natural soaps and cosmetics crafted from organic ingredients.

  • Recycled paper pottery and natural candles for a sustainable lifestyle.

  • Handmade plant pots and a variety of plants to brighten your home.

  • Unique handmade jewelry from Origin, our jewelry department, created from recycled and eco-friendly metals.

  • Recycled paper products that promote environmental conservation.

Your purchases directly support our sanctuary and permaculture efforts.

3. Come Stay with Us

Experience the tranquillity of our eco-cottage holiday home, perfect for those special get-away-from-it-all holidays. Immerse yourself in nature, relax in the serene environment, and enjoy the sustainable living practices we embrace.

A quick message to our supporters

Thank you so much for taking the time to check out our website. We hope to be adding more in the future but in the mean time please don't forget to take a moment and like our social media pages.

We appreciate your support so much. Have a wonderful day x

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