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origin dare to dream - hand made silver jewellery - supporting equine charity - gift for h


The horses here deserve to live out the rest of their lives full of love and hope. We have a dream, and it is huge, but our hearts are much bigger than our bank balance. Origin was founded to help fund the dream. Each and every item is designed and hand crafted with love, here at the sanctuary, and with every purchase you are helping a great cause, be it suppoting the care of the horses horses or planting a tree in the forest..

So please treat yourself or a loved one to a gift from our shop and help us to achieve our dreams for both our charity and those others we would love to help.



What is Eco Silver? There is no doubt that the mining industry is one of destruction. It has a massive impact on both the environment and the miners themselves. Often using young children, toxic chemicals and inadequate safety precautions. Eco Silver is another name for recycled Silver. This means that it is not mined, but instead refined from broken and unwanted items. The silver is collected and sorted, melted and refined to ensure that the silver is as pure and high quality as mined silver. It is then formed into usable bullion ready to be made into new products. In an ideal world, we would be able to purchase fair trade silver that would benefit the miners and their environment. However, fair trade silver is not yet available, so 100% recycled silver is the best way forward. It reduces the requirement for more silver to be mined and therefore the impact on the environment. All of our pieces are made from recycled silver sourced from a UK based manufacturer who states that their recycled silver is “produced in a fully traceable, audited and certified process”. There is no new metal added to 100% post-consumer recycled metal, so no first hand mining has taken place. And then we turn those old, broken and unwanted items into a beautiful new solid silver piece. Turning old, broken and unwanted back into something beautiful... now there's a thought!


We currently have 10 horses here, all for one reason or another unwanted or abandoned. Unable to be ridden, they are considered of little use. Left to starve, in filthy conditions with no understanding of what they did to deserve it. Thankfully, we have been able to help these 10, keep them safe, well fed and loved, their every need attended to and their voices heard. Our aim is to continue to provide a safe and loving environment, to improve their lives further by creating natural tracks for them to wander freely through a forest. If we can extend the tracks and ensure we are able to fund feeding and care, we will be able to help more and give them the life they have dreamed of.


Every purchase helps towards food, veterinary care and improvments to their environment to truly give them their paradise home.


Climate change or not, we cannot deny the need to preserve our planet along with the wildlife and humans that habitate it, and trees inevitably hold a major part of the answer, YET...the mass deforestation continues, sacrificing the long term benefits of standing trees for short term gain. Forests still cover around 30% of the worlds land area, but they are dissapearing at an alarming rate. Our project plans to reclaim a small part of tenerife and plant over 50,000 different trees and plants over 10 hectares.

Your support is needed. Every purchase helps us to plant at least one tree.


By purchasing from our shop, you will make a direct impact on where it is needed the most. WE ARE the project, and you can be assured that your contribution is going directly to where it is intended. NO middlemen, NO managers bonus.

When you make a purchase you will receive a beautiful 100% designed and hand crafted item. We will also keep you updated with photos and information from time to time if you opt in to our newsletter. You can follow all of the projects on our blog and social media sites. See exactly what your contribution has helped achieve.

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