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We are always grateful when people bring donations directly. Lots of things are useful including

but not limited to..

Care and Maintenance

Fly spray

Fly masks (all sizes)

Grooming tools, brushes, combs *doesnt have to be made for horses

Straw Bales

Hay Bales *Festuca and Alfalfa*

Sack of Pulpa de Remolacha

Sack of Pavo Fibre Nuggets


Organic unpasturised Apple Cider Vinegar * We use this a lot!

Biotin Supplement

Healthy treats






Fruit Teas *The horses always have access to fresh clean water but sometimes they like an extra bucket of fruit tea!

Building materials

Metal poles for fencing and shelters

Pallets or any wood *Always useful!

Bags of cement for wall building


Horse friendly plants and trees. One of our big goals is to provide the horses with a forested track full of healthy forage.

Please contact us if you would like information of the types of plants that are safe.

Our project is also about reforesting the land and creating a food forest using permaculture other seeds, plants and trees are also welcome if you would like to support that side of our project.

If you are overseas, or cannot drop off personally, you can also purchase from our Amazon Wish List and the items will be delivered direct to our door!

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