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Hey there! I'm Quill and I am the baby of the sanctuary. My mumma Curiosa came here pregnant, but nobody knew. I was a surprise, but a happy one I am told! I was born on the 8th of April 2021 at 8am. Everyone was running around like crazy and my mumma was so tired. A nice man (who I now know as "vet") came and checked me all over and said that I was all okay. I found my feet in no time and have not stopped testing out how fast and high I can go since. I think I might be the fastest ever in the whole wide world...

I really like living here. I get to hang out with my mum and uncle Jandro. Soon I will be able to meet everyone else here and then we can all play together. I am really excited about that. Anyway, I have to go, thank you for reading my story :)

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