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Quill, the enchanting offspring of Curiosa, embodies the spirit of new beginnings and discovery in our sanctuary. Born into a world of positive reinforcement, he's navigating the tapestry of life with curiosity and joy. Handsome, strong, and confident, Quill revels in playful exploration, learning each nuance of his surroundings.

His little family unit, comprised of his nurturing mother and wise uncle Jandro, forms the cornerstone of his world. Every step in Quill's journey is embraced with a deliberate slowness, free from the weight of expectations. This deliberate approach seems to work wonders, fostering in him an even greater sense of confidence and a joyful eagerness to engage, interact, and absorb the wealth of knowledge the world has to offer. Quill's story is a celebration of unhurried growth and the beauty of a life lived in the glow of positive reinforcement.

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