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The Truth of the Matter

Updated: Jun 11, 2022

If you follow us on Facebook or Instagram, you will have seen our recent post about the increase in hay prices here in Tenerife and I believe worldwide.

The problem that we have here, at least in the south of the island, is that we have zero grazing (something we are definitely working on at Eden Equine but that's for another post!)

Our horses are completely dependent upon hay, and that hay is not grown locally, it has to be imported. The price per bale has risen from €92 to €125 in just 3 weeks and is expected to go even higher over the coming weeks. Horses are meant to eat roughage and should have access to forage at all times. With 10 horses here, we go through between 9 and 10 bales per month.

Obviously this is only one of the costs involved in maintaining a happy horse, there are so many others including supplements, veterinary and hoof care, to name a few. So, in the last three weeks, our costs have risen from 920 to 1250 a month for just hay alone.

In an already struggling position this has put even more strain on us. This brings me to the reason for this post.

I get asked all of the time if we will rescue any more horses. I get calls asking for me to accept new and urgent cases more often than I would like and my answer for the last year and half has had to be sorry, but no.

But you have the space ....., This is something I hear a lot! And it's true, we do have the space, infact we have loads of it! Can you spot the 8 out of 10 horses in this photo? But unfortunately, space isn't the only thing horses need!

I fear that with the huge rises in prices, I am going to be hearing these questions far more often. even more equines will be left in need and those calls are going to increase.

Even without counting those that have fallen into cruel hands and need rescuing, there will be owners that just cannot afford the price increases and if their animals have health problems, are unrideable for whatever reason or are too old or damaged to be sold and too expensive to keep as pets, their options are bleak.

Euthanasia is usually the offered choice, but even that is expensive so very often they find themselves left abandoned, to fend for themselves on an arid island with no natural water... or even worse, tied somewhere waiting for someone to save them.

This is something that absolutely breaks my heart. Every day. Every time I take a call. Every time I have to say no.

Would I like to offer them a place here, safe and with a freedom that they have probably never experienced? Of course I would. I would offer them a home in a heartbeat, if I could.

But I have to prioritise the safety of those that are here now. Our finances are stretched as it is and we cannot add to that. If we fail, what will become of the horses in our care. They will be in that same position only they will need rescuing from us!

So the truth of the matter is, although I would dearly love to be able to offer the chance of a new life to as many equines as I possibly can, for the moment, the answer is sadly still no.

If you would like to sponsor any of our horses you can do so here.

If you would ike to donate and help us to offer a brighter future to other horses in need, please visit our support page where you CAN make a difference.

If you would like to donate to our EMERGENCY HAY APPEAL you can do so here.

One day, with a little help we can turn that no into a YES!!


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