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Hello, my name is Noress and I am 28 years old. I am newest here and arrived in July 2020. Before I arrived I was found tied to a tree feeling very sad and lonely. I did't have enough food and I was hungry and tired from racing. My owner liked me to race other horses on the roads, but my legs were sore and swollen and I didn't have enough energy to do very well. One day, someone came to me and told me I had a new home to go to. I went for a ride in a trailer and was on my best behaviour. When I got out off, some humans said that I had a very nasty eye infection, and that it had to be treated and I needed to gain a little strength before I could continue my journey to my new home.The nice people looked after me for 8 weeks and then I got back in the trailer and head off to my new home. I am starting to put on weight on and rebuild my muscles, and my legs are getting better but I need to keep moving to keep the swelling down. I now have loads of new friends here, I really like Bonnie but sometimes I get worried about my food and can be a bit mean to the others. I know I shouldn't, there is always food here but old habits die hard and I guess it will take time. It is nice here, I am retired they say and won't have to race ever again. Don't tell them but I do like to try and race Levi and Bonnie. I never win but they are kind and always stop to let me catch up!

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