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Noress's journey embodies a testament to endurance, a narrative woven with challenges and the flicker of hope. Discovered tethered to a tree, her survival hung in the balance until a compassionate young boy stepped in. Despite his efforts, the responsibility of caring for her proved overwhelming, leading Noress to an intermediary rescue centre as she awaited her forever home here at Eden farm. 

Upon her arrival at our sanctuary, the scars of her past were evident - a permanently damaged eye, a haunting relic of an untreated infection, and swollen legs, silent witnesses to her days spent racing on the roads of Tenerife during fleeting moments of freedom from the tree's restraint. Her aging bones carry the weight of these hardships, and her stomach battles ongoing troubles and anxieties.

In the embrace of our sanctuary, Noress found a kindred spirit in Bonnie, our assertive little Arab. Together, they navigate the path of healing, each providing solace and confidence to the other. Their friendship, forged amidst the echoes of Noress's tumultuous past, stands as a testament to the resilience of the heart and the transformative power of companionship.

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