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Hey! My name is Devora and I came to live here in May 2020. I am 25 years old. I don't really remember much about my past but a long time ago I used to live at a riding centre. I wasn't much use because I had a problem with my hind legs so I moved on to be a therapy horse. Unfortunately my owner couldn't pay to keep me anymore and needed to find me a new home. No one wanted me because I was "old and useless" but the people at Eden Equine said that I could go stay there. When I arrived, I was really frightened and anxious and it took me a while time to settle in. I was quite thin and my hind legs were swollen and very painful. My new humans helped me to relax and introduced me to lots of new friends to see who I liked the most. I now spend my time hanging out with Mili. I have a lot of space to explore at my own pace and my legs are feeling much better. I like to trot up and down the hills and build up my muscles. I still struggle to gain a little weight and I get worried about changes or new things happening but I am so much happier. I love to be groomed and scratches are the best thing ever. This will be my forever home now.

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