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Hello, my name is Militar (mili for short) and I am around 27 years old. I came to live at Eden Equine at the same time as Curiosa in April 2020, although we didn't know each other before. I can't tell you much about my life but in 2013 I was found. I had been badly abused and neglected, I had sore feet and a bony mass from an old fracture above my hoof. The lady that found me took good care of me and helped me to trust people. I was still very frightened of having anyone on my back but I loved children, and I spent some time helping ones that had troubles. In 2018 another lady was looking for a nice horse for her daughter, I was taken to go and stay with them on the condition that it would be my forever home. Unfortunately they broke their promise and I got given away. It was a horrible time for me. Because I was still so afraid of humans and didn't want to be ridden I was passed from dealer to dealer trying to find someone that wanted me. I was very frightened. I didn't think I could take much more and when they put me in that stable with wheels... with another horse next to me I didn't know what was happening. It was already dark but the horse next to me helped me to feel better. Next thing I know we were at Eden Equine. When we first arrived that night, I was worried about the new humans. I didn't really want to talk to anyone but my new friend Curiosa helped me to relax. The longer I stay here the better I feel, I am now very happy. I love to run around, play and have cuddles. I still get a little woried about meeting new people but I am improving my new mum says. This is my forever home now. I am retired and won't be asked to carry anyone on my back anymore.

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