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Miss Marcy

8th September 2020 - 9th September 2020


 Hi, I am Miss Marcy and I was born here on the 8th of September 2020.


My mum Flecha, arrived here pregnant but was not very well. She had a lot of seizures and would run in really fast small circles and then fall over. She also had fits that would last for quite a long time and she didn't know where she was when she finally came around. It must have been very frightening, especially when she was trying to take care of me in her belly.


I know that the hoomans were so worried about her and me, I heard their voices all of the time, talking to me and mum. When I was born I was very weak, my legs didn't work very well, I couldn't stand up and my mum didn't have any milk for me. The hoomans were there though, the voices I had heard were all with me. They gave me milk from a bottle and I was so hungry I drank it all!


They set up a chair and stayed with us every minute. I slept on a nice soft bed and when I woke up, my mum would be there with the hoomans and they would give me my bottle of milk. I didn't feel very well though. That first night I was so tired and my body didn't seem to want to work. I fell asleep with mum and my human mum next to me. It was a nice sleep. I could see the stars and hear kind voices. I was warm and getting cuddles.


I dreamed of running with my mum through fields of grass and flowers.

I didn't wake up.

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