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Levi's presence in our sanctuary was not marked by a traditional rescue, but rather as a companion to Bonnie, ensuring she wouldn't face solitude. Contrary to initial outward appearances, both Levi and Bonnie bore unseen psychological wounds, with Levi, in particular, masking his fears behind a façade of confidence. The big views overwhelmed him, and his fear of intrusion manifested as anger, a presence that once struck a chord of apprehension even in me.

Months passed with a simple yet profound approach—I sat nearby, allowing Levi to set the pace of our interaction. Slowly, the tension dissolved, revealing a horse with a history of isolation and physical scars, bearing witness to training methods involving a Caretta (barbed noseband) and racking (a method used for show jumping training) Though he grapples with a multitude of issues, from reluctance to leave his comfort zone to aversions to being haltered and ridden, we're on a gradual journey of addressing his anxieties.

The key to Levi's healing lies in granting him the autonomy to be just a horse. By allowing him the freedom to make choices and interact on his terms, we've witnessed a remarkable transformation. Levi isn't coerced into anything; instead, he's empowered to navigate his own path of healing, a journey that unfolds with patience and understanding.

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