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Hi, my name is Jandro and I am around 32 years old. I am the oldest resident here although you would never know it! I arrived here in May 2020 at the same time as Devora and I was a little nervous. I can't tell you much about my past, but when I arrived here, somebody recognised my picture and told my new humans that many years ago I lived at a riding centre and used to jump. I was a bit of a handful they said, I don't remember that! I also used to spend time with children, I was called a therapy horse but I am not sure what that means... I just liked to be with them. My new family say that I am good to talk to. I really like to listen but it sometimes sends me to sleep! Don't tell mum but sometimes she is a bit boring! Now, I love to relax in the sun and spend time with my new friend Curiosa. We do lots of exploring together. I think that I can stay here forever now and that makes me happy.

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