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R.I.P. 11th August 2022


Flecha, a gentle and beautiful soul that graced our sanctuary, has earned her wings, leaving an indelible mark on our hearts. Her journey was a poignant tale of resilience, particularly in the face of epilepsy. We shared a year of joyous reprieve from seizures, celebrating the precious moments of tranquillity.

However, fate dealt a harsh hand as seizures returned, initiating a five-day battle filled with around-the-clock medications. Despite our collective efforts, the relentless grip of epilepsy prevailed. With heavy hearts, we made the heart-wrenching decision to say our goodbyes. Flecha's courage, the battles fought, and the love shared during her time with us remain etched in the sanctuary's memory, a poignant reminder of the fragile beauty of life.

During her time at the sanctuary, Flecha bestowed upon us the gift of a beautiful filly. Although her journey with us was brief, the circumstances of her beginning were marked by adversity. Born from the belly of a very sick horse, she defied the odds but gained her wings within 24 hours of her arrival.


In that short span, she made an indelible imprint on our hearts, embodying the essence of a miracle. Those 24 hours were filled with love - bottle feeding, human companionship, and every moment infused with tenderness. Tragically, she left this world in my arms that night, and the echoes of her brief existence brought tears that linger, a testament to the profound impact she had in such a fleeting moment in time.

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