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Bonnie, from the shadows of a cave without the luxury of space to even turn around, emerged not paralyzed or helpless but as a fierce fighter, kicking and screaming against the confines of her past. A skeletal silhouette, she carried the weight of fear that translated into fierce resistance against any attempt at touch. Adopting the patient approach that proved successful with Levi, I allowed Bonnie to lead the way, respecting her choices.

Unlike Levi, Bonnie yearned for human connection but was shackled by an overwhelming terror that mandated self-defense. With time, trust began to blossom, and Bonnie, though still shrouded in fear, started to extend her courage beyond the boundaries of her apprehension. While traces of trepidation linger, her ferocious exterior conceals a remarkable journey of self-discovery and a courageous determination to conquer her fears.

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