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Hello, my name is Arwin and I am around 17 years old. I came to live at Eden Equine in March 2020. My life before that was not very nice. I was found tied with a very short rope and my halter was digging into my face. I had only potatoes to eat and no water that I could reach. I was very thin and didn't have a lot of energy. My feet were so sore and deformed that I could hardly walk. Since arriving here, I have found out that I had only 30% of the bone left in my hooves, and not very much sole protecting them from the rocky ground which is why they hurt so much. My new humans are looking after me though. I have special boots to help me walk and special food to help them to grow stronger, my feet are starting to feel much better. I can walk around with my new friends and can sometimes trot! I dream of being able to gallop around and one day I will. I am not giving up. Even though I am still young, I will never be able to carry anyone on my back because the damage to my feet was too severe, but I love to go for walks. I can't go very far at the moment, but soon I will be able to explore the mountains with my new friends. My new humans tell me this is my forever home now and I am quite happy with that!

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